Innovating the mobile office
About the company......
CAB Solutions LLC is the manufacturer of the UVHR (universal vehicle head rest) mounting solution for your mobile printing applications. Although CAB Solutions LLC specializes in solutions largely for public safety and general government use, the applications are endless.

     Our newest product evolution, the Brother PocketJet Printer Armrest, was designed specifically with public safety in mind. Our printer armrest, combined with the universal head rest mount (UVHR), is currently offered to fit almost all patrol vehicles equipped with a removable adjustable head rest. If that total mounting solution does not suit your needs, then we have designed a unique pedestal mount that can join with nearly any console base. If your agency is looking for a durable and effective printer mounting solution then look no further. These products were designed for public safety by someone in public safety!

     CAB Solutions products are distributed by our trusted partner, Baycom Inc of Green Bay. Please visit their site for more of our product information.

The unauthorized reproduction of any CAB Solutions product may constitute theft which may be punishable by civil and criminal penalties determined by the court of jurisdiction. Ref WI Stats: 943.205, 943.205(3)

In the field......
  1. A CAB Solutions printer mount assembly in the head rest postion
  2. An open view with the track back lid held open.
  3. Power button and feed access through the closed lid.